Saying No to Daycare

In the beginning of my third trimester, me and my significant other was having a conversation about work and changing our schedules around to prepare for our little one. He thought that after a few months, since we both work, we should consider daycare. I immediately disagree with that option upon a few reasons:

  1. SAFTEY: There are many stories out there regarding staff hurting children physically, mentally and emotionally. The more stories I hear, the more I know I’m making the right decision. Now, I’m not saying that all daycares are bad, but as a new parent I choose not to take that risk.
  2. HEALTH: Now this is a touchy subject to get into; however, in my opinion from things that I have heard and read upon, many children leave daycare with some kind of illness whether it is passed from other children or so on. My question is are some parents letting their children come to daycare sick? I understand if things are hard and may be in need of help, but are the children taking any medications? Are the staff is aware, but not doing much about it? Are things at the daycares being sanitized such as toys, books, etc.? These are some things that I’m concerned about if I were to make that decision to have our child go to daycare. Also are the children getting the proper nutrition as needed?; however, if it was me I would be packing our child lunch 🤷🏽‍♀️.
  3. QUALIFICATIONS: I believe every parent and new parents would agree with me on if the staff is very qualified of watching children. Again if I were to make that decision to have our child in daycare I would like to know how much experience the staff has of watching children and working at a daycare. It is important to know whether or not your child is in good hands to make a decision if that daycare is right for your child or not putting them in daycare at all.

There are are more things that concerns me when it comes to daycare, but as a new parent it’s natural. Well, I believe so in which I strongly stand by my decision and I’m glad that my significant other understands how I feel seeing that he’s been seeing a lot of bad news regarding daycare.

So what are your thoughts? Would you consider daycare? Or if your child is in daycare what do you like about it?

Again these are just my opinion…….




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